Fort St. James TV and Radio Society

About Us


The Fort St. James TV Society has been enthusiastically supported by the entire community since it first started in 1970.

Through this support it has grown from a single channel broadcast from a site that gave incomplete coverage, to today's 31 channels broadcast from 3 mountain top sites that cover all areas of the District of Fort St. James and Regional District Area C and Area D.

The TV Society is committed to serving all viewers, and will continue broadcasting over the air on analog and digital channels. Viewers will continue receiving signals in the outlying areas by using a VHF (Very High Frequency) antenna. Viewers closer to town can use a UHF (Ultra High Frequency) antenna. TV Signal covers Pinchi to Dog Creek with radio reaching further distance.

Newer flat screen TVs with a "digital tuner" or an "ATSC tuner" built in do not need a converter box. Local channels will get tuned in automatically when the TV goes through "Auto Channel Setup" in the menu options.

Older cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs are not capable of receiving the new digital signal, which means owners will need to buy a digital converter box with analog pass through. The digital-to-analog converter box sits on top of, or near, your television and converts over the air digital signals for a standard analog television.



Dave Birdi, President

Phil Short

Bob Hughes

Chester Hiebert

Hargina Birdi

Fernando Romero

Larry Taylor

Neil Legebokoff

Bob Motion